Women’s Jewellery Styles and Trends During the 1960s

In the initial half of the 1960s, the accessories and jewellery styles resembled that of the previous decade. However, with time the change was deep and impactful. Designers started to produce more expressive and bold items. By the end of this decade, one could see a complete transformation from the glitz of the previous era to practicality and affordability. During the 1960s, everyone could Access jewellery because they were affordable. Not only did the production of clothes received a boost, but also accessories and jewellery. Natural materials were replaced by fake plastics like fibres and fabrics. Famous costume designers also experimented with techniques and materials. All of this paved the way for the advent of a new era of fashion and consumerism.

We have listed below the major jewellery styles popular during the 1960s:

  • Art influencing styles

Op art and pop art movements highly influenced jewellery and accessories designs.

  • Perspex and plastics

Natural materials started to be replaced by new materials for mass production like plastics and resins.

  • Flower Power

Accessories were mostly available in floral prints, especially daisies.

  • Bold Color Combinations

Designers aimed to create a visual impact on the minds of people with the fashion styles of the 1960s. Hence, they manufactured jewellery with a lot of shades and combinations.

  • Geometric Shapes

The space-age also impacted the designs of the Jewellery. They began to be developed in geometric shapes and patterns.

Now that you have got a rough idea about the various jewellery trends of the age, we would now look into each of their detailed descriptions.

1960s Jewellery Styles: Long Earrings

Unlike the previous decade, women with pierced lobes were socially acceptable. They could now wear bigger, long, dangling earrings. It was like “the bigger the better”! Women started you keep short hair during the 1960s. As a result, large, dangling earrings brought people’s attention to their neck and ears. The ear lobes were the right place to show off large sized hoops of any shape. As hairstyles became shorter, earrings grew in popularity during the 1960s. In those days, hoops and various other Styles of earrings were readily available, allowing women to choose anything of their choice.

However, no matter what, the traditional earring trends of the previous decade had a special relevance and place even in the next decade. Conventional jewellery decorated with beadworks and rhinestones were preferred by many.

1960s jewellery style: Bangles

As we already said, huge production of accessories enabled women to pair their outfits as per their choice. It was easier for them to choose their favourites because varieties of styles, patterns, and shapes were available. Bangles were also produced in mass numbers. Available in a plethora of shades, bangles were the ultimate be accessory in those days. They were the final touch that women loved to add. With bangles, they could bring an instant glamour and elegance to their looks. Especially, popular was the chunky oversized bangles available in jarring colour combinations. They were available in stacks of thinly shaped bangles, extending till the arm. If you are willing to put on the 1960s look and unable to get hold of any vintage jewellery, you can go for 196os bangles. They are an easy and affordable option to Accentuate your look.

1960s Hairstyles and Hair accessories

Hair in those days was considered to be representative of social changes. Women started keeping short bob cut hair while men grew hair to lengths of their choice. Hairstyles unacceptable in the previous decade were socially acceptable in the 1960s. Even if it wasn’t, women and men defied societal rules courageously. The 1960s witnessed a variety of hairstyles coming forward and going out of fashion. Not only hairstyles, but there was an explosion of hair accessories that women used to adorn themselves with and enhance their beauty. Popular box hats and headscarves popularised by Jackie Kennedy and Grace Kelly were extremely famous. Besides, ribbons, jewels, and flowers were also preferred by women.

Hair Accessories

Below given is a detailed account of the popular hair accessories of the 1960s:

  • Bows

Both small and big bows were available in abundance. They were most preferred when it came to adorning their hairstyles. They were available in varieties of sewing patterns and it all sorts of materials and colours. If you don’t have a bow, you can even tie a ribbon around your head into a bow. You can even wear a headband instead.

  • Combs & Slides

Slides and combs were manufactured from plastic and were available with decorations on them. Mostly they had rhinestones, bows, bright swirls, or black and white geometric designs on them. To keep their big buns in place, women used the Spanish mantilla combs.

  • Headscarves

Women used headscarves in several ways. Young women tied them just like teenagers, behind the head at the nape. They also tied it at one corner. Also, they could be wrapped around the head and then crossed under the chin, then wrapped around their neck and finally secured at their back. Mostly, women wore scarves and sunglasses together while stepping out.

  • Natural Elements

Women also used natural items like leather bands, feathers, and flowers to accentuate their hippie look.

  • Wigs & Hairpieces

Fake hair was an important hair accessory for women during that time. Wigs and other hairpieces were openly worn. Women had no shame in wearing them publicly and society, even accepted them wearing wigs. A few wigs were made from real hair whereas some were fake. They were mostly available in the cap/ weft style. Mostly worn for accentuating their fashion statement or go purpose, they were an instant game-changer.

Hairpieces were attached to the back of their head and created height and width, making their hair appear bigger as a consequence. Pieces were also made from real hair and sometimes were used to create a top knot or other hairstyles. Headpieces were available in various shades like lavender, gold, peach, etc. Women mostly wore shades which were in contrast to their clothing.

  • Hair Colouring

With developments in the fashion industry, hair colour science also became advanced and came up with better tints and tones. Women could dye at home using improvised off the self kits. Besides new shades and hairstyles that became trending, “frosting” was a new design that became popular. In this technique, the first layer of hair was bleached.

However, women during the 1960s mainly focused on their clothing. Accessories were given less emphasis, especially during this age. Dressed in highlighted shades, psychedelic prints, and mismatched patterns, women paired their clothing with any of the above-mentioned accessories. They looked stunning and gorgeous. If you are willing to get the 1960s vintage look, you can browse through the collections of any online store. You can choose among the mod designs of the mid-1960s available in gold, pearls, bead bracelets, colourful necklaces, rings, earrings, pendants, and so on. The best thing about the 1960s jewellery is that they are all affordable. We have already mentioned the trends and styles popular during that age. While you browse through the accessories, make sure you choose a branded one, so that the product is worthy of your investment.

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