The 1950s and Teen Accessories- What Was New?

Teenage is a phase of life when there is a zest to try new things regarding different aspects of life. One of the things that get severely and directly affected by this zest is out dressing style. Our appearances can be hugely changed by the inclusion or exclusion of just a few accessories. Accessories hence are often the most exciting parts of a teen’s dress code. Now, are you someone with a thing for retro-styled accessory and wandered in here hoping to get some ideas for yourself? Well, you could not have been in a better place. The 1950s were changing times in various aspects. With the end of World War II, many changes came over the lives of people and they affected various more corresponding changes too. Here we are going to see what changes took over the teen accessories of the time.

Teen accessories in the 1950s

The 1950s were anything but a dull era. Throughout the decade various new and newer trends governed the market. They were introduced as fads, but many stayed on to become styles for generations to come. Here are some of the top fashion trends regarding teen accessories, that you could still add to your wardrobe. Let’s take a look.

  1. Hats:

Hats are quite fashionable items of clothing, even now. In earlier times, they were not only fashionable, but rather quite integral parts of clothing. Starting from small to large and to even hats with veils, there was a versatile range of options that you could choose from. Beret hats were the most common and prevalent choice amongst the teens because of their fuss-free yet stylish nature. This fashion for quite some time. They first made their appearance in the 1920s, while they were already being used by the military since the 1800s. These hats were quite economically viable too.

  1. Hair accessories:

Not everyone is a hat person. But your teens are for you to experiment with the self and the 1950s provided you with enough hair accessories to do so. Starting from hair clips to bandanas and turbans there was a wide range of items that a teenage girl could choose from for her hair. Turbans especially set the trend for the decade and for decades to come as well. As far as hair clips were concerned, there were a plethora of hair accessories that one could use to decorate her hair. Rhinestones fitted on hairclips were a trend back then. You could use it to add a bit of sparkle to any party wear of yours. Rhinestones on many occasions adorned headbands too, and could be worn for formal evening parties or proms.

  1. Gloves:

These were a necessity back in the 50s. Any well-dressed lady was supposed to be wearing a well-coordinated pair of gloves with the outfit. Teenage was the beginning of stepping into the adult world. Especially for formal gatherings teen girls were expected to fashion themselves in a ladylike manner. Starting from short and long gloves, they had quite versatile styles. It was conventionally accepted that shorter length gloves, that mostly covered up till the palms, were meant for daytime gatherings or operas. The gloves that worked their ways up till the elbows were meant for parties in the evenings. They were often paired with pearl necklaces and would be a great inclusion to your vintage styled wardrobe.

  1. Sunglasses and spectacles:

Now glasses are always great ways to perk up your outfits, both for men and women. In our teen years, we often feel like giving our outfits a perky bend to stand out in public. It was the same for a 50s teen as well.

5. Cat eyes:

The cat eyes made their debut round about this time and were a classic hit. They could be of various plastic rims and hence be worn and coordinated with various outfits. The cat-eye glasses often had a bit sparkle added at the upper corners. There were various forms of cat eyes, namely icing slim cat-eye and grin cat-eye, and so on.

6. Horn rim nerd glasses:

This was a trend of specs that the boys could try out. Wayfarers were also a recent inclusion back then. Even though wayfarers are now considered unisex, back in those days, they were mostly worn by the boys. They fitted the broad shape of the teen boys’ faces much better.

Apart from spectacles, sunglasses too found quite a stable place for themselves in the market. Sunglasses and specs, both were found in various other shapes as well, mostly geometrical. Triangular, square, and circular shapes of specs too were available.

7. Make up: 

Growing up, the teen years are always endearing at a whole different level. We learn a whole load of new things at the time and decorating ourselves is one of the most important of them. The makeup style of the 50s, however, was not like it was earlier. A 50s teen girl would perk herself up for a gathering in a whole different way than maybe her mother or grandmother would. In the 40s, the purpose of making up was to highlight the features of one’s face. The foundation was meant to complement the skin tone of the person wearing it. The 50s called for much bolder make up trends. While foundation and rouge were still used to highlight and complement your features, eyeshadows and such products were meant to be coordinated with the kind of outfits you were wearing.

8. Belts:

Belts are the easiest ways to perk up even the dullest of your outfits, they always have been. Belts were an integral part of a teen girl’s wardrobe. Belts were of different shapes and sizes. Slim belts were slowly becoming out of fashion while extravagant and bolder belts took their place. They could be worn with skirts and jeans alike. The buckles were the main attraction of the belts. All kinds of buckles, starting form different geometrical shapes to other shapes and even personalized buckles were available as a part of the 1950s fashion trends. They were great ways to give a trendy bend to a simple day outfit when you would be going out with your friends for a day out. Leather styles were more common in belts for the daytime while extravagant and decorative ones were worn during parties or evening gatherings.

Many of us are smitten by retro styles. It is very easy to be so as well. The older days did have a charm of their own. If you are someone who loves to give a retro turn to your outfits you could easily do so. A bandana or a turban paired up with cuffed jeans and a polka-dotted shirt would easily do the trick for you. But the question is where to find them? You would not find the authentic versions of such retro fashion items just anywhere. If this is important to you, you must be careful to not let it go to waste.

If online shopping is not your cup of tea, then you could always opt for offline methods. Offline stores that sell authentic and versatile vintage accessories and outfits are not that easy to find though. Another alternative that you could try is DIY. It will not only make your wardrobe adorned with vintage accessories, but give a personalized vibe to them as well. You would not have to worry about their durability and authenticity either!

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