Great Gatsby Dress: Awesome dress ideas for your next party

The 1920s was a raging time for the fashion world. All kinds of latest fashion trends had come up at that point and have stayed on in many aisles of the fashion world even today. Amongst many great fashion trends that had come at that point where the Great Gatsby dresses. “The Great Gatsby” is a famous and timeless classic novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald. It was later adapted into a movie starring Leonardo di Caprio and has ever since been the flag bearer of the Gatsby dresses. Even today, many strata of the society organise parties that specifically have the dress code as Gatsby dresses.

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Since the fashion is about an era long back, many times individuals find themselves at a loss of ideas for their dresses. Dress ideas also come in handy if you make your costumes. Also, you could be someone who has not visited a Gatsby party yet. Such people who have not visited any parties or are at a loss of ideas for dresses, here is something that is meant only for them. Here you will get a list of latest fads that are going regarding Gatsby dresses, both for men and women. Yes! That is the beauty of it. Whenever we hear the word fashion we often ink it with dresses of women. But men need their fair chances and shares too. So here you go! Let us take a look at what exactly are these Gatsby dresses and what is their speciality. You just sit back and scroll along to get amazing dress ideas for the upcoming Gatsby party.

What are 1920 Great Gatsby dresses and their specialty?

Gatsby dresses are the gift of the 1920s fashion that to date is quite new. A Gatsby dress is a formal dress; a shapeless shift dress that is decorated with feathers, beadwork, and other shimmy accessories. A great choice of dress for your next Gatsby party could be of some rich jewel choices and subtle colours. Gatsby’s parties are a great place for people to show off their fashion sense and how up to date they are with the trends that are there in the market or even were there at a particular point in time. Fashion is like a cycle that repeats itself. A trend that was their long tome back could make a grand comeback just because of what it has to offer to you. Gatsby dresses are comfortable, smart, and flirty, and have a subtle but firm classy appeal They are like the beauty with brains of dresses.

The people of the 1920s could have existed quite a long time ago, but their fashion statements still exist in various aisles of the fashion world. Mostly fashion is like the waves of the ocean that crushes on to the beach once in a while and then lose their vigor. The Gatsby fashion trends, however, have reached the middle of the ocean that where there is the marvellous beauty of the sea and yet a calm that lets you enjoy it for a while.

Awesome Gatsby dress ideas for women: 

Dressing up for women has a wide range of possibilities. You can take one piece of clothing and turn it into as many kinds of dresses as you want. Gatsby dresses too does not let you down in this case. It has a large collection of dresses that you could choose from. Here we have enlisted top three kinds of dresses that you could try for your next Great Gatsby party:

  • Great Gatsby Fringed Flapper girl costume

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The rage back in the 1920s was for peacock feathers and Art Deco was the predominant style statement. The Flapper girl costume is a perfect blend of both. It is a bodycon dress with an overlaying fabric of soft mesh. The best part of it is that apart from being so shiny and on top of all a bodycondress, this flapper girl costume is comfortable as well. The bodice has a magnificent peacock feather that too in Art Deco style. The sleeveless dress with the fringes hanging from the bottom of the dress has a certain flirty appeal when your bare legs move to and fro with the beats of the music. To accessorize you could go with peacock feather based accessories and a long-stranded beaded necklace. You could also top it off with a pair of sexy black gloves, going up to the elbows.

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  • Floaty and fabulous Great Gatsby costume: 

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If you are someone who likes to keep it subtle and simple then you are probably now thinking that Gatsby parties may not be your cup of tea! But wait and give this piece a read before the turn down the invitation to the party. This floaty number is the go-to choice for people who like to keep it subtle and breezy with a touch of vintage. This dress back in the days was a great way to flaunt your curves yet maintain an innocent charm. The dress is a chiffon sleeveless number with usually a medium-deep neck and a length that keeps the dress just an inch or so below the knees. It has a nip at the waist. The outfit is simply gorgeous when teamed with metallic heals and can be opted for casual as well as formal events. The dress has a smart and confident aura about it and will go just fine with the minimum of jewelry.

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  • Sequin frocks: 

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This was, is, and will always be the top choice of most of the girls in their early or mid-20s. This dress is just as a sequin dress looks like, dazzlingly gorgeous. If you are someone who loves shiny and sparkly things, then this could be your go-to look. This requires you to put an equally heavy makeup. But you must keep note that they make up must he heavy, but not look as if it was dumped there. Sequin dresses have a very sharp, smart, and sexy aura about themselves. Your make up too should be sharp and well finished. If you are not someone who is into makeups and lack proper equipment for the same, then it would be advised for you not to opt for this one. These dresses can be found in long as well as shorter lengths and you can choose from the collection whichever you feel comfortable in. you love to check plus size gatsby dress

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Awesome Gatsby dress ideas for men: 

Men’s fashion usually does not give them much opportunity to explore many horizons. However, Great Gatsby fashion trends give men an equal chance to flaunt their desire to dress up as well. Here are some top fashion trends that you could try as a man:

  • The suited formal look: 

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Suits have always been popular with men in all ages of fashion. You could opt for an all-black three-piece suit matched up with two-toned shoes with wing-tipped ends could be a go-to look for every man. If you are stylish enough and feel like you could pull off some conventional smart looks then you could go for different kinds of stylish hats to go with your suited formal look. Edwardian upper-class men took their fashion quite seriously. Make sure you match up to them. If you are brave enough, you could even go for more subtle colours for your suit.

  • The long tail tuxedo jacket: 

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Such extravagant fashion statements complete with a hat and wing-tipped shoes may not be everyone’s cup of tea. So for men seeing that their chance to enjoy a Grea t Gatsby party slipping from their hands, do not let go of all hope just yet. You could use a long-tailed tuxedo jacket and pair it with a white shirt and a black bow tie. This will let you retain the boyish charm that enabled Jack to slide into Rose’s heart so smoothly.

Now that you have the ideas you need at your hand, what is the wait for?! Get going and shopping for your upcoming Great Gatsby party. You can even mix and match different styles of you dare to try out different things. Just remember that when it comes to the 1920s fashion, more is more. But also keep this mind that bluntly rubbing makeup and wearing just about any heavy jewelry will not make you the flapper girl you would want to become. You must be well equipped with the tools for makeup and blend it in with utmost mastery. For men there might not be made up in that sense, nut they too must keep a well-trimmed look to go with their elegant suits. It is advised to be either clean shaved or have a trimmed bearded look for your face. What are you waiting for then?! Buy or rent your favourite Gatsby costume and get ready to turn some heads at the next party!

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