Stunning Great Gatsby Female Attire

Ever since the Great Gatsby Novel got adapted into a film in 2013, the fashion norms and dressing costumes changed a great deal, especially when men and women had to attend 1920s parties and events and weddings. Before the 1920s, every woman wore full-length dresses that were secured in the waist using corsets. Long sleeves were in fashion before the fashion standards got replaced completely. Women kept long hairs and wore hats often which were largely ornated. The roaring 1920s brought an end to such fashion norms and standards and women went against the prevailing dressing rules to challenge it.

Taking inspiration from both the new art and new roles for women in society, most accepted clothing they were comfortable in. No longer were full length and full-sleeved dresses worn. Skirts came into existence and two-piece sweaters reflected what active women needed for their comfort. Skirts were knee-length having pleats or slits. Other dresses had lower waists and finely stitched hemlines. After all, how would the glamour and charm of Charleston be reflected in a floor-length outfit and corset? And to add to this rebellious fashion trend in those days, women started to keep short bob cut hair!

Best Great Gatsby Women Attire

Below enlisted is a list of the various Great Gatsby women attire that was popular in those times.

  • Sequin Magic

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These sequin frocks were worn especially for romantic dinners and fancy events. Sequin frocks were greatly popular in these times. The length of these frocks however varied, some were long some short, but each of these sequin outfits was dazzling and magnificent. Some were loosely fitted, whereas some had tight fittings. No matter what is the style of sequin dress women wore, they always paired it up with a beaded or sequinned flapper girl styled headpiece and heels to enhance their impression. If you are looking for some attention, look no further than wearing a short knee-length sequin frock with long dangling earrings, a headpiece featuring a feather, and a pair of heels. It would make you as sparkling as ever.

  • Long and Formal dresses

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Apart from the various lengths of dresses, full-length gowns or other outfits were worn to balls and formal events. These traditionally designed dresses were available in a variety of colours ranging from minimalist nude to prominent red. Women paired these floor-sweeping outfits with pearl jewellery, not to forget about headpieces.

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They were a key accessory in those days. To get the best formal look, all you have to do is pair a floor-length nicely fitted dress with a faux pearl necklace, a headpiece, and bracelet. For extra attention, you can wrap the pearl necklace around your forehand in the form of a headband. To add a touch of the twenties, put a feather to one side of it.

  • Charleston dresses

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Another popular Great Gatsby outfit of the roaring 1920s was the Charleston dress. As we know, it’s a vigorous dance form that still exists and needs a free loose-fitting dress that would allow easy movements of your body. Hence, a loose bodice is an important requirement of the Charleston dress. The loose-fitting outfit is necessary because the dancer has to fling her arms and legs in the air in a wild frenzy. Dancers had to remove corsets from their waists to dance freely.

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If you too are thinking of buying a Great Gatsby Charleston outfit, make sure you buy a dress having a handkerchief hem. This type of hemline gives the illusion of a longer hemline, thus allowing the dancer to move her body freely. Also, if the handkerchief hem is covered with tassels, it’s even better because it would render a shimmery look which is most quintessential of a flapper girl.

  • Fringed Flapper Girl

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Flapper girls became a symbol of fashion in the roaring 1920s who went against the conventional dresses that women in those times. Women set out to wear fashionable, stylish varieties of dresses they felt comfortable in. Flapper girls cut their hair short, wore skirts, listened to jazz music, violating every norm of the prevailing days. Among flapper girls, fringed dresses became extremely common. They generally wore knee-length fringed outfits and paired them up with heels and a sequinned or beaded headpiece. This was the most iconic of all 1920s Great Gatsby dresses.

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If you are looking for one such flapper fringed outfit, choose one which is sleeveless and has scooped necklines having works of beads or sequins on it. Flapper fringed dresses were never tight fitted. Rather, they were shapeless, loose-fitting. They had intricate designs of sequins or bead works on them which was why fringed flapper dresses were very expensive in those times. Many of them featured shapes and patterns of the art deco style. Most importantly, such fringed dresses were properly hemlined. Back in those days, black and red were the most preferred colours, but a variety of other colour combinations were also available. If you are choosing to wear an iconic flapper girl fringed dress, make sure you choose a dress with unique colour combinations and stand out from the rest

  • Great Gatsby prom dresses

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In those days, women going for prom wore the glamorous Great Gatsby outfits. They were elegant, luxurious, and expensive. The beauty and charm of the Great Gatsby prom outfits were sure to amaze the rest of the men at the party. Women going for Great Gatsby prom wore tight-fitting dresses unlike the Charleston ones and wore skirts of longer lengths. There are skirts of various lengths that are suitable to be worn for proms.

If you are looking for a Great Gatsby prom dress, buy a medium length or knee-length skirt. If you want to give more exposure to your legs and give a scandalous look, you can buy a thigh-length skirt too. In those days, flapper girl outfits for prom had fringes. They enhanced the look of the outfit even more. In those days, women preferred to wear sleeveless prom dresses. But you can consider buying a cap sleeve or a sheer sleeve having embroidery works on them. Women who chose to wear a sleeveless gown to the proms enhanced their look with a sheer caplet.

  • Great Gatsby Flapper Wedding Dresses

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Another popular type of Great Gatsby outfit was the bridal gown. Most of them were extremely expensive and made of high standard materials. If you too are choosing a flapper wedding dress, make sure you buy a high standard one and not of costume quality. Flapper wedding outfits are made up of a variety of materials like chiffon, lace, silk, and satin. Women in those days wore dresses that were hand beaded. Mostly, the white coloured gowns were preferred for a classy wedding.

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Also, you must look nothing but elegant on your wedding. So make sure the dress you choose is nothing but elegant. Women preferred to wear gowns that had geometric patterns of the art deco style. Further to enhance the elegance, women wore gowns having embroidered works or intricate Bead works on the bodice.

  • Great Gatsby Bridesmaid Dresses

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Just like there is a Great Gatsby outfit for brides of the 1920s, there’s the perfect Great Gatsby bridesmaid dress too. The flapper bridesmaid dresses are available in a variety of options. If you are deciding on a particular type, you can choose similar fashioned dresses of various shades which would match the theme colour of your wedding.

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You can also choose to select various styles of bridesmaids dresses. Thirdly, you can even leave it to your bridesmaid and allow them to choose their favourite bridesmaid dress as per their choice. Let them know the colour you have decided and allow them to choose different styles if similar shades. Also, make sure they wear matching headbands, no natter sequinned, or beaded. While choosing for your bridesmaid dresses, go buy the quality. Buy high-quality dresses and never choose to buy a costume grade outfit.

  • Great Gatsby Halloween Costume

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Women had separate costumes in the 1920s to wear to Halloween parties. The Great Gatsby flapper costume for Halloween was fun yet flirty. Unlike the rest of the Great Gatsby party dresses, Halloween costumes were made from cheap Grade silk and had soft tulle and sequins. Such flapper girl dresses had lots of fringes at the end of them to make the women appear iconic and impressive. Not only that, but Halloween costumes also had scooped necklines and sleeveless bodice.

Back in 1920, fancy dresses were shapeless, sleeveless and were of varying lengths like full length, ankle length, knee length, above knee length, etc. The look for the dresses was further enhanced by sequins, beading, and feathers. As they had soft pastels and gems and beadworks on them, they appeared expensive. Women in those days paired their luxurious Great Gatsby outfits with iconic jewellery like headpieces, fur shawl, tiara, feather fan, cigarette holder, pearl necklace, long dangling earrings to stand out from the rest. Headpieces in those days were either made up of sequins, pearls, or satin. The ones which had feathers on one side were highly preferred by women as it rendered a sophisticated look.

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