1920’s Great Gatsby Flapper Gatsby Wedding Dress Styles

Since ages, bridal outfits have been selected with a lot of care, considering several important factors because it represents the social standard as well as the likes and preferences of the woman wearing it. Wedding outfits generally present particular historic periods in terms of their traditional, political, and aesthetic facets. One factor which connects all the historic periods is that the brides as well as the family members always have the desire to look the best way possible on the extra special day. Irrespective of religion, culture, tradition, and age a would-be bride always wishes to accomplish the perfect look with a dazzling outfit.

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The era of roaring 20s, which is also known as the Flapper Era featured luxurious and bootleg Gatsby parties that were overloaded with glamour. This period was all about elegantly designed outfits and multi-colored accessories that looked bold and chic. In this era, the brides didn’t prefer their wedding outfit to be much restricted and opted for simple, comfortable clothing. As you know the flapper era mainly featured loose-fitting, straight tailored clothing for the women. Thus, the wedding dresses were also designed in the same way. In this article, we are going to have a glance at the different flapper wedding dress styles worn by the brides back in the past.

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Types of flapper Gatsby style wedding outfits

The various kinds of flapper style wedding outfits worn by brides during the 1920s are mentioned as follows:

  1. Great Gatsby Flapper Style Gowns 

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Wedding gowns can go out of trend. These gowns were highly embellished with numerous precious and semiprecious stones, beads, laces, and pearls. They generally featured a cap sleeve which was neither too short nor too long. Flapper style gowns came up with many different styles including the silhouettes with drop waist. These gowns were ideal to be worn by the bride on her D-day.

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  1. Beaded Gowns with Cathedral Length Veil

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These gowns were another popular choice amongst the brides in the past and even continue to be in trend to date. They are available in soft pastel shades such as white, beige, light blue, light blue, grey, etc. The cathedral length veil of the gown makes it look dramatically elegant. These gowns are studded with beads all over. The beads are if different shapes, sizes, and colour. Although they don’t look much shimmery and flashy yet they look beautiful and can be a perfect choice for a wedding.

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  1. 1390’s Great Gatsby Long-sleeved Silk Gowns

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These gowns were made up of original saying silk fabric with not many adornments. Mostly, these gowns had a deep V neckline at the back and skinny sleeves. Back then, silk was known to be a material for the exceptionally rich people and not everyone could afford to buy silk. The ones who couldn’t afford silk opted for rayon fabric as it gave a similar look. These gowns were the perfect example of what we call simple yet sober and sophisticated. They were appropriate for the brides who wanted a minimalistic bridal look.

  1. Art Deco Great Gatsby Wedding Gown

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Art Deco represents the razzmatazz, the glamourous lifestyle, and all the richness that was prevailing in the 1920s as well as the 1930s. Art Deco got majorly influenced by the age of Jazz. This design is known to be quite vintage and is widely popular for its drop waist feature adornments. As more and more couples are stepping out of the traditional obstructions, unconventional weddings are becoming more and more popular. The art deco themed wedding gowns are the best to give you that minimalistic appearance. There are two different types of art deco wedding dresses available out of which you can choose the one which suits your preference. The two different types are as follows:

  • Neutral Art Deco Wedding Dress – These dresses can be available in light-toned shades such as white or ivory and oftentimes feature glitters and beads which are well colour coordinated. You can customize your neutral art deco wedding dress with added lace, a deep neckline. Choose between cap sleeves and flowy sleeves as well as decide if you want it to be embroidered or beaded.
  • Colourful Art Deco Wedding Dress– If you want to look bright and colourful on your wedding day, you can try the colourful art deco wedding dress. What makes these dresses look so colourful is the use of multi coloured beads. With a blend of all the colours including black, gold, copper, emerald the dress looks even more eye-catching.
  1. 1920’s Great Gatsby Flapper Backless Wedding Gown

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Every bride wants to look unique on the wedding day. Yet, if you are someone who likes trying new fashion tricks, you can choose a backless flapper style wedding gown. These gowns feature a beautiful backless cut that looks beguiling enough to make everybody around you turn their heads and have their eyes focused on you. Also, the beading pattern of these gowns looks extraordinarily beautiful. This outfit is the most appropriate amalgamation of classic as well as modern femininity. This dress is undoubtedly going to be a wonderful choice for bridal wear.

  1. Miniskirt Wedding Dress 

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The name itself may sound a bit weird, but these outfits were largely preferred by the brides for a casual wedding at the beach. This gorgeous dress comprised of an asymmetrical laced skirt made out from a silk or organza fabric and also a low neck sweetheart neckline. These dresses mostly had long sleeves which were made up of lace fabric.

Types of Great Gatsby flapper style wedding accessories

  1. Bridal Gatsby Bouquet

The bridal bouquet comprised of natural flowers of soft pastel colours which are arranged sequentially. Mostly, the Australian flowers are preferred for the bridal bouquet. The flowers were chosen very carefully and were arranged according to their size. Apart from the flowers, the bouquet also consisted of a few more accessories such as the horseshoe charm.

  1. Bridal Great Gatsby Headwear

Wearing a Gatsby headwear was a very important part of the bridal dress-up back in the past. These were generally white coloured highly decorated with lace and pearls. Some of them also had several adornments hanging at the back. Mostly, bridal headwear back then followed the design of a tiara or a Headband.

  1. Bridal Gatsby Footwear

The footwear worn by the brides was supposed to match their outfit. There were different kinds of footwear including heels and ballerinas. However, they were all highly embellished with glitters and pearls.

This was all the information we could provide you regarding the flapper wedding dress styles practiced by the brides back in the 1920s. Both dresses, as well as accessories, have been discussed in the article. If you are interested in buying any one of the above-mentioned outfits, you can look for them both online as well as offline. Just make sure to buy it from an authentic source so that you don’t end up receiving the wrong thing. If you buy them online, you can avail them at a cheaper rate since there are various kinds of discounts going provided by the online websites. You can also get the accessories online. Look for many different sites so that you can make a proper comparison in your mind regarding the products you see and decide to buy.

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