Edwardian Women accessories (Gloves, Handbags, Hair Combs, Wigs) in 1910

Accessories have been playing a very crucial role in enhancing the entire outlook of a person. Be it a man or a woman, accessories are for all. In the past, accessories were considered even more important as they were known to signify wealth and sophistication. There were accessories of all kinds out of which some were only for the aristocratic upper class, whereas some were affordable by the middle class as well. There were accessories available for men, women, and kids as well. There were all types of accessories including statement accessories as well as the gorgeous ones. The statement accessories were worn for creating a minimalistic look. Even today, accessories are of the utmost importance when it comes to detailing your overall look. It doesn’t matter how expensive the outfit you are wearing until you give it a proper finishing for which accessories are a mandate.

In the decade of 1910 accessories were widely popular amongst the women if all ages including young girls. There were accessories for different purposes such as wedding accessories, party accessories, accessories for a casual outing, and sporty accessories. This article is going to talk about the various kinds of accessories worn by women in 1910. Let us take a look at them:

Accessories are worn by women in 1910

The accessories which were worn by the women in 1910 are mentioned as follows:

  • Hats 

As you know hats have been a popular vintage accessory. These hats were made up of exotic fur. Apart from the fur, there were several other things used in the hats including lace, ribbons, pearls, and a one-sided feather. These hats were given the name “ Gainsborough Hat “ and were popular during the Edwardian Era. Apart from this, the Merry Widow kind of hats was quite popular too. This hat gained its fame after Lily Elsie, a renowned theatre artist wore it for one of her lead roles. These kinds of hats were generally black with wide chiffon brims as well as feathers. These hats were designed big enough to fit heads of all sizes. Also, their oversized look made them more popular.

  • Pins

Pins were another important accessory used by the women in 1910. Apart from serving the purpose as an accessory, pins largely assisted the women in keeping up with their hats. As you know 1910 saw the coming of the “ Edwardian period “ and later came up with the “ Gibson Girl “. Both of them were noticeably disparate to each other, but were running parallel. When talking about the use of pins, both used them differently. The “Gibson girl” made use of the pins as a kind of hair accessory for doing up their hair. On the other hand, the “ Edwardian Period “ women used for proper positioning of the hats they wore.

  • Hand gloves 

In the contemporary period, gloves are nothing more than a requirement for the cold weather. However, if you go through the pages of history, you will find gloves always played a very crucial role in society. Not just as an accessory, but gloves have always been considered as a significant representation of traditions, societal standards as well as culture. Sometimes, they also allow people to show a different aspect of society. Dissimilar to the rest of the accessories, gloves have had a unique place in history. which is a testimonial to the fact that they are much more than just a fashion piece. Throughout the 1910s, hand gloves were largely worn by women to social gatherings.

However, they were worn particularly by the women belonging to the middle and upper-class society. For the day time, women preferred gloves made of suede or leather that covered their hands completely. The gloves were supposed to be appropriately fitted since wearing ill-fitted gloves represented you as a lower-class woman. For the evening or night parties, much more plush gloves were worn which were generally made of silk fabric. Some gloves also had heavy adornments on them while some were richly embroidered. They were available in colours such as grey, ivory, white or other neutral shades. Gloves of pastel hues such as lavender or light green were also popular.

  • Handbags 

Handbags have always been such an essential component of a woman’s dress up. It’s just the designs that have changed all this while. In the 1910s, handbags were a very significant accessory for both men as well as women. They were available in many different shapes, sizes, and designs. Major changes in the women’s handbags were seen in the era of 1910. There were many different types of bags available such as shopping bags made up of leather to be worn upon the shoulder as well as tote bags. Some fancy bags used by the women included drawstring pouches and Dorothy bags which had to be colour coordinated with their attire. Few other accessories such as foldable fans and opera glasses were also fixed to these bags which made them look even fancier.

  • Shoes 

Women of the 1910s wore eye-catching shoes as well. They wore high buttoned boots which were made of satin fabric and were of rose or ivory colour. Some boots also consisted of a lace tie-up or a satin ribbon. These kinds of shoes were ideal to be worn during the daytime. For the night, women preferred high heeled shoes of bright colours. Court heels, which were a resemblance of slippers and short heels were also well-known amongst the women.

The articles mentioned above are the major accessories that were used by women in the 1910s. Many things apart from the ones mentioned here were used as well, but these are the important ones. If you want to buy any of these items, you can buy them online or offline at your convenience. Buying them online can help you avail of better deals. Make sure to check the authenticity of the online or offline store, you buy them from. This will help you ensure that you don’t end up buying any flawed product.

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