Dress Styles & Outfits of the Roaring Twenties

As the name itself suggests the roaring twenties was a decade of revolutionary transformations in everything including fashion. The fashion of the 1920s was extraordinarily sophisticated yet simple. The period was mostly influenced by vintage. It is such a misconception that the 1920s dresses were generally of a shorter length. Since the roaring twenties was also widely known as the flapper era, the most popular kind of dresses in the roaring 1920s were the flapper ones. There are various kinds of dresses included in the 1920s women fashion. These dresses were elegant as well as chic studded with precious gems, beads, and pearls.

Dress Styles of the Roaring Twenties 

The dressing style of the 1920s was very classy and sumptuous. Everything in the roaring 20s was too much extravaganza so the dress style was also very lush and gorgeous. The clothing of this period was very formal both for men as well as women. Apart from the clothing part, there were various unique accessories to be worn by both men and women.

Types of Women Outfits in the Roaring Twenties 

The different kinds of women outfits that were much prevailing during the entire period of roaring 20s are as follows:

  • Flapper Frocks 

Flapper frocks and gowns can be the best choice if you are attending a party themed on the roaring 1920s. Just get on the dance floor in a flapper dress and see how you rock. These dresses are studded with beads and precious gemstones which make them shine bright. Flapper dresses are generally of the knee-length and are easy to be worn by women of all body types. There are many types of flapper dresses including sequined flapper frocks, long beaded flapper frocks, short flapper frocks with a lot of fringes, and tassels. Some flapper dresses are full of adornments. These dresses can be availed in a variety of colours but the most demanded ones are gold, silver, black, or white colour. However, Black flapper dresses are always the first choice of buyers. These flapper frocks are available in plus size as well so, you can choose your flapper frock as per your choice and requirements.

  • The One Hour Dress

The one-hour dress is undoubtedly one of the best fashion creations of the roaring 1920s. the main motive behind creating this dress was to help a woman in getting herself ready for a party in less than one hour and in the simplest way possible. It followed the one-piece dress pattern. You can buy your one-hour dress or you can even make one for yourself just by properly knowing sewing and cutting directions that are supposed to be followed. There are different types of one-hour dresses such as the ones with short sleeves and the ones with a full-length sleeve. You just have to be very precise about choosing the right fabric. Try to go for satin or silk fabrics since they are the best suited for party gowns and dress, especially of the roaring 1920s. You can decorate your handmade one-hour dress by adding glitters and sequins. This dress is also very easy to be put on and can go well in any vintage-themed party.

  • The Classic Gown

The classic gown can be a statement party wear when you are looking for something that can coordinate well with the vintage frame of the party. Classic gowns are generally of a single colour and are heavily adorned with crystal rhinestones. These dresses are of skinny fit mostly with a deep V neckline. However, you can get your classic gown customized in the way you want you it to be. Some times these dresses also come up with hanging tassels all over them which look very happening while you shake yourself on the dance floor. When paired with high glittery heels or shiny ballerinas, they tend to make you look even more gorgeous. Most importantly, a classic gown looks more sober and graceful than anything else.

  • The Easy Basque Dress

The Basque dress is known to have originated from France and is categorized under the bodycon style which either reaches beyond the waistline or over the skirt. This dress is a kind of overcoat with lengthy tails which is supposed to worn on top of a long skirt such as corset skirts. It features a close and tight fitted jacket. This can be an excellent look when paired up with a hat and the perfect boot shoes.

  • Long Cocktail Gown

Cocktail gowns are long gowns that reach down to the floor-length. Sometimes, the length of these dresses is somewhere in between your knees to the end of your legs. These are semi-formal gowns that are more than appropriate to be worn for a roaring 1920s themed vintage party. Some cocktail gowns are heavily ornate whereas some are lightly beaded. You can choose the right one according to your preference. These gowns are available in several colours such as silver, gold, rose gold, green, blue, etc. However, all of them are more or less covered with shimmers all over and are made out of silk, satin, lace, velvet, and chiffon fabric. By putting on this gown, you are sure to be a head-turner at any party.

Types of Men Outfits in the Roaring Twenties 

The various kinds of outfits worn by the men in the era of roaring 1920s are mentioned below:

  • Suits 

When we talk about the entire period of the roaring 1920s, we find that the most well-liked form of menswear back then were the suits. The suit was one such outfit that men used to wear nearly every day and for all purposes. The men possessed a varied range of suits that were of different designs, colours, and styles. The different kinds of suits available were:

  • The lounge suits
  • Suits with a double-breasted jacket
  • The Jazz suits
  • Suits with half belts
  • American Suit
  • Vest suit with colour co-ordinated pants
  • The working-class costumes 

One of the simplest ways to dress yourself up according to the roaring 1920s style is trying out the working-class costume or casual men wear. These costumes comprise a pair of trousers, vests, shirts, suspenders, shoes, and a hat. The colours were kept little neutral such as navy blue, grey, and brown. The fabric was mostly patterned into stripes. This costume gives the perfect casual yet formal look which can be on point for the 1920s look.

  • The Great Gatsby costumes 

These costumes, highly inspired by the Great Gatsby movie are just the right amount of vintage. The great Gatsby costumes perfectly give men the accurate party look with great finesse. These costumes comprise of the shirt, vest coat, trousers, a collar tie, and a pair of shoes. The specialty of the Great Gatsby shirts is that they come with French cuffs. And are available in almost all Art deco colours.

  • The Gangster costumes 

The gangster looks of the roaring 1920s can be briefed as dark suit blazers with color-matched pants and vests, and unmatched tie and a black or white fedora hat. However, this look was mostly avoided by the respectable class.

  • The sporty costumes 

The sporty look of the roaring 1920ds can be summed up as loose pants of pale colour, a shirt, and a vest coat. The body of these shirts is generally striped but the cuff is single- coloured. All the golfers as well as other sportsmen of the 1920s carried this look extraordinarily.

From its beginning to the end, the 1920s was an era in which fashion was all about the comfortable and minimal dressing. In this article, we discussed all the possible men and women outfits that solely belong to the roaring 1920s dressing pattern. You can buy these dresses both online as well as offline. However, buying them online can benefit you more since they are available online at highly discounted prices.

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