Everything About the Great Gatsby Party Dress

Gatsby’s parties are luxurious and sumptuous parties that feature a depraved way of living which was followed by the people back in the 1920s. a Gatsby party can be arranged by anyone just by choosing a plush avenue and shortlisting the people you want to invite to your very own Great Gatsby Party.

A Gatsby party is full of glamour and has the power of alluring the invitees to their best. It comprises of vintage dressing, steeples of champagne as well as chic and elegant setups. It is always better to create the setup of your party beforehand so that you can reach the zenith of enjoyment with the other party animals. Apart from deciding a lavish venue one major step to be followed to make your Gatsby party successful is availing an attire for one and all included in the party. In this article, we will be discussing what kind of dressing is needed for being a part of a Great Gatsby party.

Women Gatsby Party Wear

Here are the perfect Gatsby dresses and options that women can try for accomplishing the precise Gatsby party look:

  • 1920’s Great Gatsby lush dress 

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There are various kinds of fancy dresses available from where you can pick one for attending a Great Gatsby party. You can get lush dresses with sequins, beads, and different glittery shades.

Here you get more options

  • 1920 Gatsby Prom Dress

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Prom dresses are popular dresses that can be worn for a Gatsby party. There are different types of prom dress including mentor, sheath, high-low, baby doll, empire, single shoulder, modest, chiffon, colour, and pattern.

  • 1920’s Gatsby Flapper-style dress

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Flapper dresses are designed in the baggy pattern meant to be slipped upon with both short as well as long sleeves. Several flapper dresses are layered with beads and fringes.

  • 1920’s Great Gatsby Pantsuits 

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If you are looking for unique yet chic women wear for the great Gatsby party, you can give this a try. It’s not always necessary to wear a flapper dress for a Gatsby party, you can even be the center of attraction in the party by trying on men’s styles. This may include black ties, pantsuits, and tuxedos.

1920’s Great Gatsby Accessories for women


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Now, let us take a look at the accessories you can include in your great Gatsby party look:

  • Great Gatsby Headband or Tiara

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Tiara is an ornamented crown which is conventionally worn on the head by women while going to lavish parties. It is a semi-circular band that gets positioned around half of the head. here we seleted some of the best 1920’s Gatsby headpiece design for you.

  • 1920’s Gatsby Elbow gloves 

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Elbow gloves are an important part of the extravagant culture. It is considered to be a symbolic representation of their etiquette and can be a great accessory to enhance your sophisticated look for the great Gatsby party.

  • Feather fan 

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Feather fan is a significant and popular accessory to be tried for your Great Gatsby party look. You can pick yourself a feather fan suited to the colour of your dress and makeup.

  • 1920’s Gatsby Women Shoes 

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You can consider putting on heels, pumps, ballerinas, and even dainty footwear in shades such as black, gold, or silver for a Great Gatsby party. here we cover a detail post about 1920’s great Gatsby shoes for women

Men 1920 Gatsby Party Dress wear 

It is quite well known that men do not have as many outfit options as women have. But, for the great Gatsby party, men can try several options such as:

  • 1920 Gatsby Man Gangster suits

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As the name suggests, gangster suits were primarily worn by gangsters to present themselves in the same position as the owners of well -known multinational organizations. The gangster suits are counted amongst the highly beguiling and tempting attire and are known to have turned up as an important component of men’s fashion during the 1920s as well as 1930s.

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Some important features of gangster suits include:

  • Dual chested jacket
  • Contemporary and enlightened outlook
  • Coats in dark shades like brown, navy blue, grey, black or deep violet
  • Designed in both pinstripe as well as a herringbone pattern
  • 1920 Great Gatsby Men Vest

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If you want to rock a great Gatsby party look without any compromise, you should try wearing a vest suit with colour coordinated pants. You can create an outstanding party look for your self by just putting on a suit vest which is also known as a three-sectioned suit. It generally includes a solo jacket, a waistcoat, and pants which can be both chinos or casual trousers. But, all the three parts have to be tailored from a single sheet of material to look coordinated with each other. The vest suit also has been an eminent option in men’s clothing for over a hundred years now and can readily give that chic look which men desire before going out for a Great Gatsby party.

  • Great Gatsby 1920s Fashion Pants

You have to very cautious when choosing the pants since completely pleated pants can create a big blunder and spoil your entire look. Choose pants with single-layered pleats, a standard width, cuffed edges near the ankle, and button flies. Although, a major issue that you can face with these pants is adjusting the extent of the belt. They tend to get positioned at a good height almost near the rib cage. However, pants designed in contemporary times fit at a lower height close to the hip.

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  • 1920 Gatsby Man Shirt 

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The shirt you choose has to be one with cuff stitches preferably a French cuff pattern. These shirts can be easily worn by men of all categories for luxurious parties. There are two choices you get here namely, the Round clubbed collars and Pointed Collars. You can further decide if you want to wear a shirt with a different coloured collar or one with the same colour as of the body of the shirt.

1920 Gatsby Men Accessories

Now, let us talk about the basic accessories which are mandatory to complete your great Gatsby party look:

  • 1920 Gatsby Man Hats 

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Hats are very crucial in enhancing the sophistication of your appearance are available in numerous colour options, shapes as well as sizes. However, for the great Gatsby party, the hat you choose to wear must be a bit on the formal side to make your look more intense.

  • Great Gatsby Men Ties 

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When talking about men’s accessories, how can one miss out on ties? Particularly, while you are heading towards a great Gatsby party, ties are a must. Ties can be classified as neckties and bow ties. Although, bow ties are known to go better with men the types of suits men wear to Gatsby parties. Ties can be available in a wide range of patterns such as Paisley prints, diagonal stripes, deco styles, or polka dots. A matching pocket square is a mandate to complete your look.

  • 1920 Gatsby men Shoes 

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Shoes have a crucial role to play in concluding your party look. For the great Gatsby party, you must select shoes of classic colours such as black, brown, and grey.

What kind of clothes is suitable for a Great Gatsby party?

As you know, a Gatsby party is a hell lot of an extravaganza and thus, it demands everything included in the party to be lavish enough. So, before attending one such Gatsby party, you need to make sure you are well prepared with the clothing and accessories part as clothing plays an extremely vital role in determining your overall appearance and outlook. Be it for men, women, or children, while deciding on the outfit part, you can opt for anything with glittery details, tinsels, beads, and sequins. Once done with the clothing part, you need to shift your focus to the accessories including jewelry, bags, and shoes.

Designs related to art décor are mandatory to be there on your dress. You can try the vintage look as well but it is compulsory to enrich your look with ample amount of glamour for creating an ambiance of enchantment around you. On the other hand, you have to keep in mind that you should not try anything too heavy or gorgeous since that might make it look too much or rather, inordinate. Gatsby’s party is all about feeling rich and looking rich without much heavy dress up. Even if you are wearing an ordinary gown, you can add on some rich looking accessories such as over-sized finger rings, headbands, or diamond bangles to make you look rich and sophisticated.

Final Words

This was all about the great Gatsby party dressing. You can shop your own great Gatsby attire both online as well as offline. If you are making an online purchase, make sure to buy it from a well-reputed website. all the accessories mentioned above are also available on a large number of sites online. Now, it is up to you whether you want to buy the clothing online or offline. However, both modes can be reliable enough.

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