1960s Mens Accessories : Which Were in Trend

Fashion is a word we predominantly link with the dresses and accessories of women and girls or at the most of the little boys. Men take pride in their fuss-free clothing styles. But deep down all of us like to feel a bit decorated. For the man who dares to care there is a lot of space for play in the fashion arena. A 1960s man could tell you a lot about it. The fashion of the time provided men with enough accessories that they could pair up with proper clothing and achieve that look that could swoon almost all the ladies out there. If you are someone who indulges in retro-styled clothing, then we have got some integral accessories to tell you about which could help you attain just the look. Scroll along and see what is waiting for you!

Top accessories integral to a man’s appearance in the 1960s

We have brought to you some of the top and most important pieces of accessories that a man from the 1960s would surely not want to miss. If you are considering fashion a retro-styled wardrobe, then here is where you start taking your notes.


Hats were and to certain extents, still are a sign of a classical attire of a man. The 1960s were, however a time when the hatless outlooks were increasingly becoming a part of the fashion. Still, even at a time like this, the decade of the 1960s saw some up and coming trends regarding hats. The hats of the 60s were narrower and much shorter than the ones of the 50s. One of the top trends amongst hats was that of the top brim fedora. It was a short crown with a V dent and had a narrow brim fedora. It was usually also accompanied by a snap up brim at the posterior of the hat. The hatbands that these hats consisted of were also different than the ones earlier in style. These hatbands were much more intricately designed and yet had quite a professional and bold look. In the winter these hats were made of dark felt while in summers the hats were made of coconut straws.


You can tell a lot about a person from the kind of shoes he wears. That is one of the first things that someone notices about you. The 60s men took their shoes quite seriously. They had fashion trends regarding shoes that set the benchmark for several styles of shoes for generations to come. Let’s take a look at some such top-notch trending shoes back from the decade.

  • Oxford shoes:

They were the traditional and the most elegant and classy styles of shoes that one could own. They of course were again available in various varieties. They were mostly, though, vest suited for professional occasions. These were usually made of leather to enhance and intensify its value.

  • Loafers:

These were slowly replacing the oxford shoes. They were much more casual in outlook, but yet had a certain stability and firmness in them that made them suitable for some lesser official use too. They were designed in smooth and clean ways and consisted of a few embellishments as possible. This was a general idea for the styles of shoes of the decade. The black soled white leather loafers were the newest fad and were usually worn with white pants. They made for a great summer outlook.

  • Slip-on:

The 60s saw many trends that spoke of a much casual and informal style of dresses. With such trends regarding dresses, shoes were also introduced to match them. Slip-on was a new kind of shoe that the people had never really experienced. They were lighter in colour and also in the gravity that they bore. They were meant for casual outings and gatherings and had a certain light-hearted vibe accustomed to them.

  • Boots:

This was a trend that increasingly gained popularity throughout the decade. It reached the peak of its popularity around the mid-60s. With the style of pant hems in the rising, men now increasingly shifted towards boots as they were now a more convenient and fashionable option as well. Amongst the mod men, half ankle booties and the Chelsea boots became famous quite fast, mainly due to their style quotient and also because these were now much more comfortable and convenient that the oxford shoes gave the kind of clothing they were opting for.

  • Monk straps:

The shoe trends of the period saw huge oscillations of styles. From knee-high boots to Oxford shoes, nothing was off the table. The monk straps were another such style that debuted the same decade. They were low cut and had their tops made of different pieces of leather of the same colour. Their tongues were wider than the tongues of dress shoes usually are. They were available in mostly deep colours or colours that had certain gravity to them. These shoes were usually good choices for occasions that required men to dress up.

  • Birkenstock:

The hippie cult was also an up and coming trend in the market. They wore a specific style of clothing and shoes that had a certain ragged tone to them. The Birkenstocks were the kinds of shoes that they usually wore. They have rubber footbeds and were a style of shoes that were mainly limited to hippies.


Ties were another quite delicate and significant part of men’s clothing in the 60s. There were various styles of it. The ties were usually quite wide in the 40s, but with time when they reached the 1960s, they had become quite thin. This style suited young men, most of all. They looked trendy, sleek, and handsome. There were different patterns that a man could go for in regards to his ties. They could either go for pastel colours or patterns. Diagonal stripes were a dominant design. With time the designs of the ties shifted to textured ones. Woven thin ties were something a man of every height, weight, and age could sport. Nubby silk and tweed helped to add a certain vibrancy to solid colours. The solid colour was of course preferred for official occasions. By the 70s however, the ties became wide again. But this time they were wider than ever before to match with the wide lapel suits.


The eyewear is what distinguished a posh gentleman from a commoner. They added a certain weight to their appearance. Some trends regarding the eyewear of the 60s turned into a timeless style. Frames such as the aviator and such were the inclusion of this era. Sunglasses marked the era extensively. While mainly extravagant styles were popular with the women, the style of sunglasses of the men was fashioned in such ways that they were quite fussing free and yet had a statement of style in them. The most popular shapes were the round frames, squares and rectangles, and aviator frames. The squares were perceived to be just thinner rectangles. The aviators usually had metal or plastic frames.

Where the fashion of men stagger a bit in the department of clothes and such, the accessories make up for it. Such a plethora of accessories indeed made up for the monotony of suits and pants that men’s clothing is. If you do want a wardrobe fashioned with accessories from the 60s you must first have an extensive study about it. We gave you a list of what was happening around the decade. But if you were to incorporate these styles in your everyday lives, then get fully informed about the ways of dressing up and such information before you jump into it. If you are going to do something, it’s best to do it right.

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