1920s Women’s Great Gatsby Shoes Perfect for Different Occassions

Before the 1920s, women wore so long dresses, that their shoes could hardly be seen. The best thing about the fashion trends of the 1920s was that shoes during the 1920s were visible. As time progressed, the length of the dresses kept shortening and rose above the ankles and further rose above the knees. Hence, shoes could be seen and noticed. Women started to buy shoes not only matching them to their outfits, but also with the season. Women had to choose their shoes and sandals carefully as shoes reflect your sense of fashion and personality. With the release of the Great Gatsby movie in the 1920s, the brand became extremely popular among men and women. They began to adopt the styles and designs as depicted in the movie.

Different styles of 1920 Great Gatsby Shoes

Below given is a list of the various types of Great Gatsby shoes that became popular in that era

  • Strap pump Gatsby shoes

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Women in those days wore any type of strappy heels and pumps for going out at night parties. For dancing or special evening shoes, women bought shiny satin pumps, generally black or white as they had most shine. The most expensive evening dresses or gowns were sold with matching shoes or sandals of any colour that the dress had. All through the 1920s, gold and silver painted strap heels and pumps were the most popular type of shoes.

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  • Oxford with cap toe

These are traditionally styled shoes that have laces. The cap toe is the best feature. It is an extra piece of leather that shields your toe. Every part of these shoes, the toe, the heels, and the Shoe is made up of high-quality flexible rubber. Earlier, only black and brown coloured cap toe shoes were found. In recent years, various models have been manufactured in various colours. Oxford cap toe shoes became even more popular when the need was, practicality than ornate beauty. Most Oxford cap toe shoes featured the latest rubber heels, which made them highly comfortable to women.

Oxford cap toe shoes having high heels looked prettier and featured ribbon tie Laces and varying trim. Such shoes could be worn anytime during day and night with party wears or casuals. On the other hand, flat Oxford cap-toe shoes were ideal for doing housework or any activity which required someone to stand or run or walk. Students, working women, and housewives preferred to wear low heel Oxford shoes. Also, they were cheaper and hence easily affordable.

  • 1920 Gatsby Leather shoes

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Leather shoes also gained popularity during the 1920s period. They have high shine with lace features. These shoes could be matched with any formal outfit and party wear. Needless to say, the leather was shiny and of superior quality and hence these shoes were expensive.

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  • Tennis style Gatsby shoes

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Tennis style shoes are one of a kind sports shoes, generally white having rubber soles. The top layer of it is made from high-quality rubber. Mostly, these shoes were used by professional sports players. For their athletes, popular female and male sports persons preferred tennis style shoes. They look stylish and are comfortable. For the first time, these shoes were popularized during the 1920s. Initially, flat canvas shoes featuring laces and having flexible rubber soles like kids champion classics were popular among women athletes of the age. They were mostly available in white, brown, or black canvas. For gym classes and indoor sports, canvas sneakers were also available in those times. However, it must be mentioned that women back in those days took part in sports for leisure and recreational purposes.

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  • Oxford two-toned Gatsby shoe

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As the name suggests, the Oxford styled shoe was manufactured in dual colours generally Brown and black or black and white or grey and white. Occasionally, fawn and brown coloured shoes were also found. These were the sportiest shoes of the age, stylish and classy. As the age progressed, Oxford cap-toe shoes got replaced with Oxford two-toned ones.

A specific type of the Oxford two-toned shoe called the saddle shoe emerged during that age. The center saddle was dark while the heel and the toe were white. Saddle shoes were mostly grey, white, or brown coloured. The saddle Oxford shoes were Trendy and attractive. Women loved to wear them. The shoes went good with every kind of attire women wore, be it party dresses or casuals. The shoes, designed in dual shades made it look eye-catching and interesting. Compared to the Oxford single-toned cap toe shoes, the saddle shoes reflected one’s personality more.

  • 1920 Gatsby Sandals

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During the 1920s, any dressy, well-designed shoe which featured a lot of cutouts and exposed skin was called sandal. Sandals were only made for summer and were made up of any material like canvas, leather, suede, rubber sole, or brocade with leather. Women wore dressy sandals with stockings or socks.

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Sandals featuring rubber soles and canvas laced boots were especially for beaches. They were paired with peach pajamas and swimsuits. For most of the decade, black, blue, brown, or white canvases were most preferred. Initially, stockings were worn with the beach costumes, but went out of fashion as years passed by.

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  • Wingtip Gatsby Shoes

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These shoes are designed like the wing of a bird or an aircraft. These types of shoes gave a professional outlook. Wingtip shoes are available in a variety of colours and lengths. These shoes are ideal to be worn during any office meetings or professional events.

In those days most shoes were made up of leather. For the daytime, women preferred shoes of a matte finish and shimmery patent leather. Meanwhile, for the evening parties, they wore high heels that sparkled with a high sheen. Day shoes were generally brown, grey, black, or blonde coloured. At the end of the decade, women became more stylish and chose bright coloured shoes like orange, red, blue, white, or combination of colours.

The type of shoe one should wear depends on the outfit and occasion. For instance, one cannot wear tennis shoes for going to a party or professional event and cannot wear leather shoes while playing. The right choice of shoes is extremely essential to complement your look and outfit. Also, keep in mind to choose the right size of your shoes so that your feet don’t hurt. Choose the right pair of 1920’s Great Gatsby Flapper shoes matching your outfit and look attractive and stylish.

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