1920s Great Gatsby Vests and Suspenders for men

The 1920s were one of the best eras of time for the fashionistas. The latest fads that took a toll back then along the timeline have somehow gained immortality and that is where the success of it all lies. Even now some parties are themed as Gatsby parties with dress code as Gatsby costumes. Surely Leonardo de Caprio had taken the 1920s fashion trends in his movie the Great Gatsby, but one must admit that style of the time had magic.

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The Gatsby trends had something unique in them. They were not just a part of fashion but had a style in them. This style is what helped the trend survive after so many decades. The world along with the people in it has changed quite a lot over the years. But even now if you put on a flapper girl costume you could pull off a flirty yet innocent look in a blink of an eye and with immense ease too. The best thing about the era is that it looked after the women’s section as well as the men’s section equally well. The idea of vests is a gift of this era only. So if you are wondering as to what to wear to the upcoming Gatsby themed party, this is the best place for you to be in. We have discussed some of the best fashion trends of the time, in vests and suspenders that would be just the choice for any Gatsby themed party.

The dresses help you blend in with the crowd yet maintain an individuality like no other. Scroll along and take a look at how:

Types of 1920 Great Gatsby Vests

A vest can be depicted as a sleeveless garment with buttons down the front. This is usually worn as a part of a three-piece suit. Bit as we know fashion is for all. It does not keep itself confined to the upper class. After the vest came into fashion, it soon was worn by many sections of the society casually too. Cotton vests came to be worn as a casual dress, without the suit. Here are some of the top-notch styles of vests that you can choose from as your next party wear.

  • Formal and elegant:

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Most men do not like to experiment much with their outlooks. If you are someone who likes to play it safe then this is just the vest for you. It is from where it all started. A proper black vest, worn with a three-piece under a suit. The black colour gives it a classy and versatile look that goes on almost any occasion. Subtle details such as a different colour for the top button is something that gives the vest a touch of style. It has a buckle around the back that enables a comfortable posture and makes sure that the vest fits all men of all body sizes. The vest due to its black colour can be worn with almost any colour of the shirt.

  • Beige Coloured Vest

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This adds a subtle hint of twist in your outfit. Vests are not usually this light in colour, but if you can pull it off then why not?! This was the ultimate trend in the 1920s. It has three pockets. One is on your chest and the other two are on either side of the vest. You can team it up best with a white shirt. The V-neck of the vest leaves you the liberty to wear a bow tie or a knotted tie with the outfit. A white shirt, a beige vest, and a black-tie would be the ultimate elegant look that you could go for. It would not have the intimidating aura that the black colour would have but not lack in the intensity of elegance at all. It too has a buckle system at the back to still fit you if shrank or grew by a few inches.

  • A comfortable blend of wool and polyester

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This vest is a comfortable blend of wool and polyester. It is great for the winter seasons. The wool keeps you warm and comfortable and the buckles around the back can be adjusted to give you the comfort you require. The brown buttons give a direct hint of the 20s. The vest is available in multiple colour options and you can choose the one that you like the most and feel will go the best with your shirt. The quality of the material of the vest is unmatchable and can be worn for quite a long time without suffering much wear and tear.

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Types of 1920s Great Gatsby Suspenders:

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Time to discuss the suspenders now! They are a pair of straps that cross one’s shoulders and extend down to the trousers. There it has a button or a clip that helps them to get fixed to the trousers and ensures that they would not fall of. These are primarily very important to give you a smart look in public. It helps you keep your trousers up and fitted. The 20s were all about the style that would make you look good and suspenders did just that. Let us take a look at some of the varieties that the suspenders had to offer:

Here is more options for Gatsby Suspenders

  • The Casual and Usual Suspenders

These suspenders are just out there minding their own business and doing it quite well. They do not have anything fancy to offer to the table. They just mind their primary job. If you are too skinny or your pants are not as fitted as you would want them to be then this is your go-to option. They clamp down to your trousers holding them up keeping them in place. The metal used in the buckles is quite durable and the manufacturer did not just go for the cheapest option out there. The suspenders make a Y shape at the back. This is another characteristic of 1920s fashion.

  • A Touch of Leather

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Leather makes everything and anything look sexier and a lot more classy. The 1920s suspenders made out of leather is a great touch up for your outfit. It may look like a simple black strap at first, but the brown leather at the back as a part of the Y is what will draw the attention. It is super adjustable and hence can be worn for years and is available for people of all age groups. These would go best with white shirts.

The 1920s was a raging era for fashion, yes. But in the process, it gifted the world with some of the best styles to last many lifetimes as well. So if you were in a dilemma as to what to wear for your next party. Here you go with great Gatsby dress for man then!

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