1920s Great Gatsby Headpieces and Flapper Hairbands

Great Gatsby’s party is one such patty that presents a sophisticated lifestyle of the 1920s. One major thing about these parties is everything flapper with a lot of fringes. Be it the attire or accessories we find everything vintage yet classy chic in a Great Gatsby party since it follows the theme of the 1920s.

The Great Gatsby parties are usually organised by the highly rich people and the invitees are rich as well. Thus, in any Great Gatsby party, everything has to look sultry yet sophisticated. Such parties are full of affluent and sumptuous things. Hence, before heading out to be a part of a Great Gatsby party, one has to appear appropriately dressed. Dressing up doesn’t just mean putting on a suitable attire but it also includes choosing the correct footwear, headgear, jewellery as well as other accessories.

Great Gatsby Headpieces 

The accessories you use on your hair tend to make your overall look more attractive since it can be easily noticed by everyone around you whenever you are out at a party. Thus, the hair along with the accessories have to be precisely on point. There are several different kinds of head and hair accessories available both online as well as offline which you can try to make your Great Gatsby party look unique. If you are planning to attend a Great Gatsby party lately and are looking for the perfect headgear you are in the right place.

Different types of Great Gatsby headpieces 

The different types of Gatsby headpieces available in the market are enlisted below:

  • Feather Great Gatsby Head Piece 

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Are you in search of a headpiece that will provide you the genuine look of the 1920s, then you can surely try elegant feather headbands in various pastel colours. These headpieces are mostly available in pink-toned shades and are made up of real peacock feathers. One crest of the feather is placed at a certain height over the head and the other one descends downwards towards the cheekbone. The feather quills are also beautified by fixing precious gems and stones on them. It provides you the best chic look you need for the great Gatsby you want to be in.

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  • Gatsby style sparkling headpiece

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Many sparkling headpieces have the potential of adding the right amount of bling to your Gatsby look since too much bling could be way too much for a Gatsby party. The 1920s women had the perception that accessories should be as flashy as they can. But, as Gatsby’s party look has to be sober, too much flashiness can make you wrong with your style. These headpieces come with an elastic band which is flexible enough to be worn around your head. These elastics are well decorated with beads and sequins so that they don’t look odd. You can try these shimmery headpieces with a one colour fringe dress and shiny heels and you are sure to rock the great Gatsby look superbly. These headbands can be availed in a variety of colours including silver, gold, rose gold, grey, and many more. You can choose the right one to match your outfit.

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  • The Egyptian style headpiece 

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Egyptian style headpiece is the one that gets positioned right on the crown part of the head and keeps dangling covering the entire skull. These headpieces are generally crafted from silver or gold-based metal amalgamation decorated with uncut diamonds or crystal stones. Designed in the style of art deco, these headpieces also feature hanging tassels to outline the face. It can be an ideal choice to be put up with any party gown or a formal dress to get decked up for your Great Gatsby party.

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  • Daisy Buchanan model headpiece 

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The Daisy Buchanan model of the headpiece is an outstanding combination of a tiara as well as a crown. It represents the headpiece worn by Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby movie. The front part of this headpiece looks like a tiara and is made of the white gold metal mixture in which there are expensive stone settings. It appears similar to leaves and also has a three-layered pearl adornment. The rear part of the headpiece is made up of satin ribbon and is patterned to be tied in a knot at the lower part of the skull. This makes it easy for you to place the tiara right over your head. Another specific feature of this headpiece is that it comprises ribbons in different colours which can be changed as per the colour of your dress or the rest of the accessories you are wearing. They can go well with your great Gatsby costume.

  • Gatsby style headpiece 

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Exclusively created to get paired up with your ideal Gatsby party attire, these headpieces have got many other names such as “brain binder” or “headache band” because of the way it is worn. It is tightly enfolded around the head. The French people also gave it the name “bandeaus” but bandeaus also consisted of broad scarves to be muffled around the head with their end part hanging down on one side of the head.

These are the different kinds of headpieces that you can choose to wear for your Gatsby party. Now, let us discuss Flapper hairbands and their types.

Flapper Hair Bands 

As suggested by the name itself, these hairbands were the ones worn by the Flappers in the 1920s. Since then, these hairbands have never been out of trend and can turn out to be the best hair accessory you can try for any Gatsby party of a party with retro and vintage theme.

Although these hairbands go better with shorter hair they don’t disappoint when used with long hair as well. Flapper hair bands can easily give you the chic look with a touch of vintage rock n roll. You can choose a flapper hair band of your own based on your dress and makeup since there are different colours and designs of flapper hairbands available in the market. If you genuinely want the 1920s look, you should not miss out on trying the flapper hair bands.

Different Types of Flapper Hair Bands 

The different types of flapper hairbands are discussed in brief below as follows:

  • Embellished flapper hairband 

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The embellished headbands can be a great jewellery for your hair. These headbands are highly adorned with flashy jewels, multi-colored gems, and precious stones as well as flickering crystals that tempt the light and make your face glow beautifully. You can obtain these headbands in a variety of shapes, colour, and sizes. Some of them are heavily ornate while some are just lightly beaded. The best thing about these hairbands is that you can pair them up with any kind of party outfit. Choose the appropriate one with your customized Gatsby dress and you are good to go.

more design of embellished Gatsby 1920’s headbands

  • Glittery flapper hairband 

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This kind of flapper hairband is the one that is full of glitter and sequins. They can help you in achieving that statement look while you are dressing up for a Great Gatsby party. These hairbands can also be an excellent hair accessory for the flawless Gatsby party look and can go very well with all kinds of party dresses. They can add the exact amount of glitter and shimmer to your sophisticated and old Gatsby Party look.

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  • Braided flapper hairband

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Braiding your hair gives you a neat and classic look. Especially when you are going out for a party, you can braid all your hair at one side and pin it using an ornate clip. However, not everyone is a pro at braiding the hair perfectly. For such people, braided hairbands can be a superb option since they enhance the elegance of your look. Initially, you might find it a bit difficult to wear these hairbands since they need to be positioned rightly but afterward, they will be too easy to be worn.

  • Velvet flapper hairband 

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The velvet, as well as satin flapper hairbands, look too good on the hair and they are very comfortable as well. They don’t feel heavy on the head at all. These flapper hairbands are super flexible and can be assured to last you for quite a long time. Wear a velvet flapper hairband to your Gatsby party and see how unique how to look.

The various types of flapper hair bands as well as 1920 Gatsby’s headpieces are talked about here in this article. Each one of them has been briefed as well. These are the basic variations of the head and hair accessories you should try for creating yourself the goddess look for your Gatsby party. You can avail of each of these accessories both online as well as offline. However, if you buy online, you can get them at a discounted price but it is highly recommended to make sure to check the authenticity of the website before placing your order.

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